Unlocking the Evolution of IAM to CIAM Model


Integrate Photon Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) Model to identify customers in an easy-to-access framework, producing higher customer acquisition.




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The Evolution of IAM to CIAM Model


Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) eBook





This eBook reveals the evolution of IAM Model to CIAM Model that is helping enterprises to engage with their customers on a personal level—while offering a seamless, secure experience to introduce new products and services. It includes:

  • Evolution of IAM to CIAM
  • Key capabilities of CIAM Model
  • Intrinsic Value of CIAM Solutions
  • Industry specific CIAM applications and use cases



Global Website Factory Program

Taking L’Oreal’s Digital Solidarity
Sourcing to the Global Level 



L'Oreal Global Factory architecture

comma.pngcomma (1).pngOur multi-layered security framework is based on intelligent threat modeling and real-time understanding of risks including user authentication. With CIAM framework in place, we can better protect your organization from application-layer and network attacks.

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