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Security breaches wreak financial havoc. They also cause customers to hesitate in providing personal info, which disrupts the analytics-driven, real-time, personalized digital experiences they've come to expect. Customers switch to another brand that can provide better customer experiences, data security, and digital privacy. Clearly, IT security is a keystone of digital transformationone that can make or break a business’s competitiveness, customer trust, market share, and digital resilience.
Mobile is the fastest growing channel, yet many security chiefs struggle to address cybersecurity issues without making customers suffer a poor user experience. Delivering high-quality, secure mobile applications must start with a robust mobile security technology plan.
Our experience with leaders from Fortune 500 organizations has taught us that even the most discerning of professionals make the mistake of underestimating the security risks of omnichannel devices.


Get more insight into security risks within mobile and omnichannel experiences.
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Finance whitepaper on Cybersecurity by Photon
Retail whitepaper on Cybersecurity by Photon


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End-to-End Security Transformation Services

  • Application security, framework evaluation and threat management  
  • Federated identity and relationship management over cloud
  • Governance, risk and compliance management
  • SMAC security, malware protection, and proactive threat management
  • Endpoint cybersecurity, SIEM, log monitoring, and mitigation  
  • Security consulting, vulnerability prediction and analytics

Our Expertise

  • Half of a million vulnerabilities classified in our Security Assurance Portal across 6,500+ test cases and 20 domains (e.g. Banking; Healthcare; Retail)
  • Transactional Security and Compliance for Payment Gateways
  • MITM (Man-in-the-Middle) attack protection
  • Associate-facing, customer-facing and web application security
  • EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions
  • Access controllers; REST and WS security infrastructure
  • Cloud security, Federated Identity Management, and SSO

Key Differentiators

  • Collaboration portal for assessment; suggestions for remediation
  • Mentor development teams continuously advising business teams
  • Vulnerability dashboards and notifications; Prediction modeling
  • Assessment of 3rd party frameworks; On-demand reporting