Migrate to the Cloud for Peak Performance BEFORE Holiday Season
The holiday season is by far the busiest season for handling online retail activity. With consumers expected to spend $94.71 billion online during the 2016 holidays, the stakes of unplanned downtime, site outages, checkout problems, and sluggish website performance have never been higher.

Performance Expectations

  • Customers are increasingly indulging in multi-device, last-minute shopping, putting more pressure on companies to optimize their digital presences across screen sizes.
  • Shoppers want to move through a brand’s mobile experience at lightning speed. Patience for cumbersome and slow-performing websites is waning—40% of shoppers will wait no more than 3 seconds before abandoning a retail or travel site.
  • Downtime and outages limit sales, damage brand loyalty, and send your customers to competitors. If your web pages don’t offer blazing-fast performance, your customer will move on to speedier sites—you delivered a bad customer experience and end up losing sales.
  • Customers want a rich and responsive experience without sacrificing on their need for speed. 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app if they can’t quickly find what they need.

The Time to Prepare for the Holiday Rush is Now

tweet-02_2.pngTo manage higher traffic and drive conversions faster, it is imperative that businesses optimize their websites and apps. Here’s how migrating to the cloud satisfies your customer’s need for greater speed and improves IT efficiency.

5 Great Ways the Cloud Gears you up for Holiday Rush

  1. Faster Load Times: More than 3 seconds of load time means you lose nearly half of your customers. In the cloud, decentralized assets across multiple servers ensure ultra-fast load times, leading to quicker browsing and checkouts.
  1. High Availability: Hosting applications in the cloud provides a number of capabilities, including redundancy, fault tolerance, and resilient design that make high availability possible.
  1. Increased Accessibility: The cloud environment allows users to access information from any device in any place at any time, simplifying the customer journey.
  1. Scalability and Operational Agility: The cloud’s auto-scaling ability allows IT capacity to increase as needed to meet demand spikes and support application availability. Whether your commerce platform experiences variability in usage or you expect your business to grow over time, this elasticity ensures success.
  1. Substantial Cost Savings: The cloud operates on a pay-per-use service model, cutting down resources starting with Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings all the way through to more advanced offerings. And it’s not just the raw costs but also the pricing and governance model that are attractive. Cloud migration reduces the need for your enterprise to maintain its own data centers or needless costs during off-peak seasons, allowing you to focus expense on growth drivers and staying confident you will keep your loyal shoppers happy.

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